A cleaner and more profitable future for road transport

Our mission

Road transport is a vital part of the economy. Almost every item around you has been transported by trucks. It is an industry full of entrepreneurs, from independent owner-operators to family businesses that span generations. The trucking sector employs 7.5 million people in the EU alone.

It is a very competitive industry, dominated by SMEs with 85% of operators having 10 vehicles or less. The margins are low and companies need to deal with a growing amount of paperwork and regulations. Customer expectations are increasing as well, they demand real time visibility, swift response times and regular reporting about KPIs like on time delivery.

Customers also expect transport providers to reduce their environmental impact. Trucks are responsible for 6% of global carbon emissions, more than aviation and sea freight combined. An estimated 40% of all truck miles are empty which cost trucking companies $100 Billion a year. The carbon emissions of empty trucks equal those of all international flights combined. It also makes financial sense for transport companies to reduce their emissions as fuel represents 30% of total costs.

The development of legacy transport management solutions has not kept pace with the fast changing transport industry.
We are passionate about transportation and believe that transport companies deserve a modern transport management system that combines best in class technology with a user friendly interface.

Our mission is to build the best Transportation Management System in the world. We want to empower transport companies and their staff to be more efficient and successful. We want to partner with our customers and achieve a future that is more profitable for their companies while also reducing their environmental impact.


Adriaan Coppens became passionate about transportation while working at Belgian railways. He switched sectors when he became co-founder and CEO of OTA Insight, an analytics solution for hotels. After growing the business to 10,000+ customers and 100+ team members, Adriaan took a step back to spend more time with his family. For his next startup, he wanted to combine his passion for transportation with his concern about climate change.

Joeri De Turck joined OTA Insight as the first engineer and together with Adriaan, he created a scalable product that could process and serve billions of datapoints a day. As CTO of OTA Insight he contributed to successfully launching four different products and helped grow the engineering and product team to over 40 team members.

Sander De Wilde started his career at Ground Lion where he developed their case management solution. He experienced first hand how workflow solutions can make companies and their employees more successful by automating repetitive tasks so users can focus on what matters most to the business.

Corona and Brexit focused the attention of Sander, Joeri and Adriaan on the challenges that road transport companies are facing. They founded Qargo to build a user friendly transport management solution that empowers users to provide a better customer experience, achieve the most efficient routing schedule and reduce their impact on the planet.