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Customer Revisited: Anglia Freight

In this regular slot, we check in with customers who have adopted Qargo to assess whether the solution has delivered on its promise.

Suffolk-based Anglia Freight, a second generation regional haulier and warehouse keeper, had found itself facing a serious, even existential threat. Its previous logistics software provider had informed the company that it would no longer offer TMS functionality.

This left Pete Holden, Anglia’s IT Director, searching not just for a like-for-like replacement but a solution that could take the company’s operations into the digital era. All this while ensuring the management of its expanding fleet of 50 vehicles and trailers was made far simpler and more cost efficient.

Won over

Anglia decided to proceed with Qargo after being impressed with the platform’s existing functionality coupled with its ability to support and adapt to the company’s constantly evolving requirements. Pete recalls the setting up and pre-launch testing of Qargo being expertly handled: “The team allowed us to undertake over 2,500 hours of testing and familiarisation on over 5,000 test consignments within the ‘Qargo-Verse’, its dedicated sandbox test environment.”

After fully testing the platform to Anglia’s satisfaction, the onboarding phase began with three days of onsite support from Qargo staff. “They immediately ironed out any issues as customers began to populate the new system with orders,” recalls Pete. “This deep level of support allowed us to use the system from the very first booking without getting bogged down by small issues. The Qargo team really made the process seamless.”

“Qargo supported the go-live in February impeccably.”

Delivering results

With the system now live, the system is already delivering exceptional results: "We have experienced significant efficiency gains including a 6-8% reduction in total fleet mileage,” says Pete. “This is down to Qargo’s built-in route optimisation algorithms, which deliver an annual mileage saving of over 200,000 miles.”

Other key areas have also been optimised by Qargo’s streamlined processes. For instance, the cross-dock scanning functionality delivers increased operational efficiencies in excess of 20 minutes per vehicle per day. “This allows vehicles to leave Anglia’s yard earlier and be more productive,” says Pete.

“We are experiencing a reduction in overtime of over eight hours per day thanks to Qargo.”

Customer focused

Qargo has also dramatically improved experiences for Anglia’s customers. They can now make use of real time tracking, enjoy far more accurate ETAs and crucially, gain visibility of the entire job life cycle – all accessible via cleaner touch points. Pete explains: “Customers can track their consignments more closely from seeing every status change as freight is scanned, handled and onward shipped through to delivery sign-off and invoicing.”

“The Qargo platform has also alleviated several pain points with slicker administration functions in vital areas such as Proof of Delivery control,” continues Pete. “Ultimately, we remain so committed to the software – and the staff that design, maintain and support it – because Qargo reacts so quickly to any queries and recommendations that we have.”

This level of support also explains the platform’s popularity with staff. Pete explains: “Our company has adapted extremely positively to the change in TMS. All staff members were actively involved with the setting up of the new system and they continue to recommend better and more efficient ways of using it.”

Collaboration first

As Anglia is an early adopter of Qargo in the UK, its feedback has also been vital in the development of the platform so it addresses the local market’s many different and unique challenges. Pete explains: “We supported Qargo with the adjustments that needed to be made when this product entered the UK pallet market from the European transport market.”

This symbiotic relationship saw Anglia and other Palletline members assisting with and advising on Qargo’s specific UK offering. This included introducing different product types, more detailed service levels and the design of the cross-dock scanning application. “The latter in particular allows the seamless cross-dock of freight from incoming to outgoing vehicle without excessive handling,” explains Pete.

“Qargo’s team inspired such confidence in us that we became early adopters of the product.”

Fast forward

Such a close collaboration has led to significant rewards for Anglia: “Since going live, we have now processed in excess of 25,000 consignments through Qargo,” explains Pete. “We’ve enjoyed hugely positive feedback from customers and partners, too.”

Best of all? The sheer speed of accessing Qargo’s game-changing functionality: “We’ve experienced increased operational efficiencies that we thought would take many months to materialise,” says Pete. “In fact, it’s only taken a matter of weeks.”

“Qargo has already begun delivering results that we thought would take far longer to enjoy.”


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