Transport orders, planning and invoicing in one handy solution

Drive your transport company forward with Qargo TMS

Logistics is a people business. Your success depends on your partnership with customers, drivers and subcontractors. It's hard to focus on your partners when administering your Transport Management System takes up a lot of your time. Legacy TMS providers tried to adapt existing software to fit the needs of transport companies but this leads to clunky and complex solutions.

We built our Transport Management System from the ground up with the sole purpose of empowering transport companies and their staff to be more efficient and successful. We translated the needs of road transport companies into user friendly software that aligns with your existing processes. This results in faster implementations and reduced need for training.

Qargo allows you to decrease your administrative workload and focus on the things that really matter: customer experience, increasing operational efficiency and achieving a financially healthy transport company.

How Qargo TMS will shift your company into high gear

  • Automate repetitive tasks and process paperwork 10x faster using our AI
  • Plan faster and better with our user friendly interface, no extensive training required.
  • Provide your customers and internal staff with real time visibility and actionable reporting
  • Improve your cash flow with our integrated price lists and streamlined invoicing process.

More loads, less hassle and
happier customers.

Process orders 10x faster

  • Upload any order pdf,  our AI will identify and input the data for you.
  • Smart templates to avoid duplicate order entry.
  • Google Maps lookup avoids manual address entry.

Give your customers, partners and direct network a better experience:

  • Online portal for instant quotes, order input and execution tracking.
  • integrate with shipper system via EDI or API to automate order entry.

Automate pricing

Our flexible pricing engine handles the below and more:

  • Full loads, groupage, specialised, out of gauge and container transport.
  • Value added services including liftgate, inside delivery, pallet exchange.
  • Surcharges like fuel, toll, administration fees and overhead charges.
  • Calculations like price per mile, rate zones and sophisticated tariff tables.
  • Flexibility is the key to success in transportation, so you can always override the automated pricing.

Faster and better planning

  • Single interface that brings together your orders and drivers, equipment, subcontractors and customers.
  • Drag and drop orders and resources to plan your shipments. We'll calculate the distance, duration, toll and CO2 emissions.
  • Split shipments in legs, consolidate goods in depots, plan milk runs and add any non order related tasks.
  • Send shipments to the driver via our app, email or sms.

Seamless operations

Transport requires many emails, calls and a lot of paperwork that involves the customer, driver and haulier.
Qargo will save your team time:

  • Standardise processes with our task management.
  • User specific todo lists ensure that each tasks gets done the right way.
  • Automatically generate PODs, packing lists etc.
  • Drivers can scan and upload documents with our mobile app.
  • Share documents with your customers through the portal or via email.
  • Comprehensive reporting allows you to track every important KPI.

Real time visibility

  • Monitor shipments in the planning portal so that you can immediately take corrective action in case of problems.
  • Quickly and accurately anticipate problems with our smart milestones and arrival time predictions.
  • Communicate with drivers via chat, sms or whatsapp.
  • Give customers instant visibility through the customer portal or via single order links.
  • Proactively communicate delays with customers via our in app chat, sms or email.
  • Connect your fleet management system or use our driver app for track and trace.


Improve cash management with Qargo:

  • Automatically generate the invoice when the shipment status is complete and attach the required documents. All you need to do is press send.
  • Alerts when customers are overdue and the option to send automated reminders.
  • Invoices are shared with your accounting package.
  • Customize invoices to match your branding.