Maximise the efficiency and profitability of your logistics business with our cloud-based Transport Management System

Grow your business.

Not your workload.

"Without Qargo we would have needed much more time and people to realise this growth."

Geert D’hooghe, D’hooghe Lifting & Transport

Optimise workflows,
from order to invoice

Cut your admin busywork using an intuitive solution that’s been built from the ground up to save you time, money and effort.

Fast rollout, zero friction.

Begin transforming your operations quickly and comprehensively with our optimised implementation process that takes less than two weeks from start to rollout.

Streamline your entire workflow.

Get the full list of Qargo features.

Effortless integration, exceptional accessibility.

Enjoy effortless, fast integration with your existing solutions – from your accounting software to your fleet management and shipper systems – from within a single interface.

Accelerate order entry, reduce errors 

Drag and drop emails and PDFs, our AI will suggest the right addresses and references. Input orders in seconds while minimising the risk of errors.

"Qargo’s platform has reduced the time we spend on admin by 75%.”

Kristof Schiepers, Schiepers Transport

From planning to execution, get a bird’s eye view.

Our planning interface makes it easy to send routes to drivers and track their progress with real-time visibility of all trips and equipment.

“We can now easily see the turnover per truck or per driver; with today’s diesel prices that’s an absolute necessity.”

Kristof Schiepers, Schiepers Transport

Invoice faster,
be paid quicker

Drivers are able to upload CMR, proof of delivery, and more via mobile or onboard computer, enabling you to generate and send an invoice as soon as goods have been delivered.

“We now enjoy 50% faster invoicing, which has vastly improved our cashflow.”

Geert D’hooghe, D’hooghe Lifting & Transport


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